stencils and squeegee blades

a range of stencil formats to make sure paste volumes match individual component requirements

Tecan offers remountable and meshed SMT stencils, squeegee blades and a range of rework accessories to support surface mount production

Tecan’s remountable stencil range is compatible with most frames in the market, including Genesis, VectorGuard and Tetra. Meshed stencils up to 1800mmx900mm are also available. Tecan’s range of OEM compatible squeegee blades are available in both single-thickness and mobile edge formats as well as a comprehensive range of rework tools to support SMT assembly.


our stencils solutions

standard and bespoke options
multi-level solutions
compatibility with most frames, including Genesis, VectorGuad and Tetra
OEM compatible squeegee blades: single thickness or mobile edge
proprietary manual tension framing system
PCB printing rework stencils
meshed frames up to 1800mm x 900mm
stencil nano-coating for optimised paste release
bespoke squeegee blades
component printing rework stencils
heat and epoxy shields
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