design-led innovations

style AND substance

We don’t only produce micro-precision components: we produce works of art too.


Design-led, we help you put even the most complicated designs into production to complement high-spec, prestigious brands, environments and interiors.butterfly

We turn your innovative ideas into practical solutions which reflect the aspirational aesthetic you and your clients expect, working with you to bring your ideas to life.

design-led pathway to innovation

art decoMarkets are constantly evolving. Critical to any business is exploring new ideas and improving those you hold, ensuring you progress and adapt to meet changing market needs. Making pioneering ideas a reality often means leveraging the expertise within other technologies.

A design-led pathway to innovation allows you to be in the driving seat while leveraging specialist technologies. It helps produce products that don’t yet exist, and no competitor can access without costly development. It de-risks and strengthens your innovations.

You can find out more at The Engineering Design Show (EDS) on Wednesday October 20th 2021 at 11:30 when Tecan’s Dr Matthew Murray will deliver a presentation around Design Philosophy and the huge benefits of a design-led approach to innovation.

Arrange to meet Matthew at the show or register to attend EDS here


our solutions

We work across a number of different industries to help bring distinctive features to design-led reality. Examples include:
luxury yachts
unique interiors
art installations
perfume packaging
prestige features
co-develop your next-gen innovation with Tecan
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