EMC/RFI Shielding

for improved electromagnetic protection

EMC/RFI shielding is necessary across many industries to avoid any interference from electromagnetic signals. Used across electronics, telecommunications, automotive control, avionics and more, shielding gaskets are vitally important in many critical applications.


EMC /RFI shielding

We provide standard and bespoke RFI and EMC shielding solutions to meet the very latest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directives. A full range of products are available from off-the-shelf standard cans through to complex multi-cavity labyrinths.

our shielding solutions

We offer: standard fences with removable lids, spring fingered lids, multi-cavity labyrinths, customised solutions and more
flexibility in choice of base metal
standard and customised designs available
in-house plating facility available
fully traceable quality control
labyrinth screening cans available


TECshield is essentially our ‘on-the-bench’ modelling system developed to enable RFI/EMC development engineers to prototype shielding cans, fences and lids quickly and easily. More importantly, the electronic performance or the ‘shielding effectiveness’ will be closer to a custom manufactured can when compared to traditional ‘modelling’ techniques. The TECshield range provides a professional and effective method to evaluate a solution.

The etched fold line principle used in the design and construction of photo chemically machined shielding cans provides an easy method of assembly. As ‘Origami’ is for paper, the use of TECshield, with its etched fold lines, can be likened to starting with a blank sheet of paper.

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