Etching Aluminium

What Is Aluminium Etching?

Aluminium has long been used in a great many varying industries thanks to its particular properties; low density, high thermal conductivity, non toxic and resistant to corrosion to name just a few. So it stands to reason that we’d also want to employ aluminium in our etching process.

Etching aluminium is a process that does require specific knowledge of etchants as it’s an easy metal to get wrong with an incorrect etchant. This is why at Tecan we have precise solutions and environments for etching aluminium to ensure that the process is a seamless one. With the correct process, aluminium can be cut to exact measurements and shapes to a higher degree of accuracy than traditional tooling or laser cutting.

The above goes for etching stainless steel too: an industry-standard metal that again has fantastic properties to make its use in diverse fields a necessity. Stainless steel is, in fact, so versatile that even after the chemical etching process it doesn’t need finishing. This also translates to a quicker overall production time. Chemical etching (also known as photo chemical etching and photo chemical machining PCM) reduces the production period anyway thanks to digital tooling which allows for this time to be reduced from weeks and months (like laser or machine tooling) to days.

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